New experiences and cultures enrich our lives, bringing us not only fun and excitement, but also the joy of living. By being satisfied, we cultivate a spirit of compassion for all living things.

A high-quality hideaway house that emerges at the end of a pitch-black alley, separated from the mundane world.

By combining Japanese aesthetics and traditions inherited from ancient times with Western sensibilities, we carefully unravel the secrets of the ideal sake delicacies and sake pairings, and continue to innovate.

We use local ingredients that are nurtured by the rich nature of the five districts of Hyogo prefecture. We bring out their individuality and charm to the utmost limit, skillfully harmonize them with our delicacies and sake and offer you a supreme time you can enjoy with your senses.

Facing the "now" rather than the past or the future, your mind will unwind with awareness and discovery. We hope to make you smile unconsciously as you enjoy this "Akaka" moment.


Seasonal Menu “FU RYU MON JI”
_ Seasonal Chef's Choice Menu "Fu Ryu Mon JI"
  • 15,000 yen
  • The Seasonal Menu is a dinner course where you can enjoy the world views of AKAKA.
    ※18:00〜20:00( Dinner / All starts )
Seasonal Delicacies “SETSU KOU”
_ Seasonal Chef's Choice Delicacies "Setsu Kou"
  • 10,000 yen
  • The seasonal delicacies are a set of seasonal dishes and desserts recommended by AKAKA.
    ※16:00〜17:30(Apéritif)/ 20:30〜25:00(Digéstif)
  • ※The above price includes tea and desserts after the course.
  • ※Menu prices may vary depending on the ingredients. (Autumn and Winter)
  • ※Consumption tax and service charge (10%) will be added to the above amount.
  • ※Due to the nature of the course, we may refuse reservations if you have a wide range of ingredients or allergies.


Wine Pairing
  • Standard
    15,000 yen
    [ Half_10,000 yen ]
  • Prestige
    30,000 yen
    [ Half_20,000 yen ]
  • Rice Wine
    10,000 yen
    [ Half_7,000 yen ]
By the Glass [Bottle]
  • Champagne
    2,000 yen 〜 [ 8,000 yen 〜 ]
  • White Wine
    1,500 yen 〜 [ 6,000 yen 〜 ]
  • Red Wine
    2,000 yen 〜 [ 8,000 yen 〜 ]
  • Rice Wine
    1,200 yen〜
  • Seasonal Flavor Wines.
    1,500 yen〜
※You can choose the wine pairing plan on the day of your visit.
※We have a variety of wine to suit your dish and budget.
※Consumption tax and service charge (10%) will be added to the above amount.


Craft Tea
  • Japanese green tea
    1,200 yen〜
  • Chinese green tea
    1,500 yen〜
  • Chinese oolong tea
    1,200 yen〜
  • Taiwanese oolong tea
    1,200 yen〜
  • Chinese black tea
    1,500 yen〜
  • ETC...
※Consumption tax and service charge (10%) will be added to the above amount.



Book your table here.

Notes On Booking
  • ■ Reservations can only be made online.
  • ■ We accept a reservation for a party of 1~4
  • ■ In order to avoid trouble in our restaurant, we accept reservations made by the person who made the reservation.
    Please refrain from giving your reservation to others. Please note that we will not be able to accept reservations. from the next time you visit us.
  • ■ We will take you to the dining room on time to serve drinks and food. If you arrive late for the reservation time, we will serve the dishes at the time of arrival.
  • ■ Please refrain from taking pictures or recording videos that other customers or staff members can take.
  • ■ Smoking is prohibited inside the restaurant. Please refrain from leaving your seat during meals as much as possible. Even if you leave your seat, we cannot accommodate the timing of serving drinks and dishes. Please accept my apologies.
  • ■ We serve drinks and dishes to enjoy the flavor. Please refrain from wearing strong perfume or cosmetics.
  • ■ We use seasonal ingredients in our menu, so we may refuse reservations if you have a wide range of allergies or ingredients you don't like. Please accept my apologies.
  • ■ Please refrain from posting evaluations based on scores or numerical values on gourmet sites such as Tabelog, Retty and Ikkyu. We are sorry but we do not allow customers who do not observe our rules to come to our restaurant.
  • ■ PWe do not have a strict dress code. However, we will refuse male customers with shorts or sandals.
Cancel Policy

■ Please contact us as soon as possible in any case you are cancelling.

■ We will reconfirm your reservation. Your reservation will be cancelled if we can't contact you 3days before.

Cancellation from 7 days in advance
Cancellation from 3 days in advance


Zip. 650-0001
4-9-14 Kanou-cho, Chuo-ku, Kob, Hyogo JAPAN.
TEL. ++81 78 381 9229
Opening Hours
We accept reservations in two parts.
  • ※5 minute walk from JR, Hankyu, Hanshin and Port-liner SANNOMIYA Station
  • ※5 minute taxi ride from SHINKOBE Station on the JR Shinkansen (15 minutes’ walk)
  • ※15 minute taxi ride from KOBE Airport (Port liner SANNOMIYA Station is 20 minutes away)
  • ※60 minute taxi ride from KANSAI International Airport (80 minutes Airport bus)