AKAKA recognizes the importance of protecting Personal Information, and we strive to handle the Personal Information provided by our customers and to protect their privacy in accordance with the Act and related bills on the Protection of Personal Information of Japan.

Personal Information means addresses, names, telephone numbers, and any other information that can identify a customer as a specific individual or any information that is stipulated as Personal Information by law.

1.Collection of Personal Information

AKAKA collects Personal Information from customers mainly in the cases below. The purposes for using collected Personal Information are described below. If Personal Information is collected for any other purpose of use, then that purpose will be clearly stated when the information is collected unless defined in law. AKAKA will obtain proper consent from our customers in order to acquire information when required by law.

Registering with or subscribing to a service
Purposes for using Personal Information:
To process a registration or subscription
To provide a service
Filling in a questionnaire
To create statistical information by processing questionnaire results
Applying to win a prize, present, contest, or the like
Purposes for using Personal Information:
To contact a winner or selected person
To send a gift, prize, or the like
Registering for or applying to participate in an interview survey
Purposes for using Personal Information:
To process a registration or application
To request participation in an interview survey
To provide a reward or the like
Ordering a product or a paid service
Purposes for using Personal Information:
To confirm an order
To process a payment
To send a product
Applying for a job
Purposes for using Personal Information:
To make a decision on employing a person
To send announcements about employment seminars or the like

In each of the above cases of collecting Personal Information, the Personal Information AKAKA collects might be processed and used to create statistical reports that cannot be used to identify an individual. These documents are statistical documents, and no Personal Information that can be used to identify an individual is included in them.

AKAKA might refer to Personal Information in developing new products or services, and we might use Personal Information to announce new products, services, or the like.

When AKAKA collects Personal Information from a customer, the purposes we state for using the Personal Information are accurate, and the methods we use to collect the Personal Information are lawful.

AKAKA will not use Personal Information provided by any customer for an unstated purpose without the prior consent of the customer, unless permitted by laws or regulations.

2.Use and management of Personal Information

AKAKA stringently stores and manages Personal Information provided by each customer and takes necessary and appropriate security-management measures in order to prevent the divulgence, loss, and data corruption of Personal Information.

AKAKA endeavors, within the scope necessary for the achievement of the purpose of use in question, to keep Personal Information provided by each customer accurate and updated.

3.Joint use of Personal Information

AKAKA jointly uses Personal Information provided by customers as follows:

Information that is jointly used
All Personal Information of customers collected by AKAKA.
Entities with which Personal Information is jointly used
Personal Information is shared between AKAKA and the group companies.
Purpose of jointly using information
To make it easier for customers to comprehensively use the multiple services provided by each entity with which information is jointly used
To enable customers to use services provided on various platforms by entities with which information is jointly used
To announce information related to products, services, or the like that is considered to be helpful to customers
To process each customer’s Personal Information and create statistical reports that cannot be used to identify an individual
Name of entity that is responsible for managing Personal Information
4.Disclosure or provision of Personal Information to a third party

AKAKA will not divulge or provide Personal Information to a third party without the customer’s prior consent, unless the case in question falls under any of the cases of joint use above or the cases below.

  • When handling of Personal Information is delegated to a third party in order to achieve the purpose for using that Personal Information
  • When it is permitted by laws or regulations

AKAKA conducts the necessary and appropriate supervision of each subcontractor delegated to handle Personal Information in order to ensure the security management of each customer’s Personal Information, even if that handling is delegated to a third party.

5. Caution

Internet websites operated by AKAKA might include links to third-party websites. Please note that AKAKA is not responsible for the handling of any customer’s Personal Information by a third-party website.


Each customer may, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, request AKAKA to explain the purpose of use of Personal Information provided by that customer or to disclose, correct, add to, delete, suspend use of, erase, or suspend provision to a third party of that Personal Information.

To submit a request, please send the information below via the postal service together with a form of identification (such as a copy of your driver’s license or passport) to the address below. After checking the details of your request, AKAKA will respond appropriately and in accordance with laws and regulations.

The point of contact below also accepts other inquiries and complaints related to the handling of Personal Information by AKAKA.

  • ・Details of your inquiry (confirmation, correction, deletion, etc.; if your inquiry is related to a correction, then please state the details of the correction)
  • ・When and how your Personal Information was provided
  • ・Your contact information (address and full name)
Personal Information Center
4-9-14 Kanou-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0001 JAP
7.Amendment to privacy policy

AKAKA might amend all or part of this privacy policy. If we amend all or part of this privacy policy, then those amendments will be published on our website.